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Another album that makes a good companion to contemplation and reflection this season is A Mandolin Christmas. from Karen Mal and Will Taylor. though both are skilled on many instruments, they chose just mandolin and guitar for a journey ranging from traditional carols to popular seasonal favorites, from folk arrangements to ones with a a dash of jazz. this is a new release from Taylor and Mal this season, and looks likely to become a holiday classic.

A Mandolin Christmas with Karen Mal and Will Taylor is a collection of fresh arrangements for guitar and mandolin just out in time for the holidays.

The jazz flavored classical guitar style of Taylor with the more traditional folk style of Mal’s mandolin is the foundation for a refreshing new take on some favorite holiday classics.

On the opposite side of what a Christmas LP could be is Karen Mal & Will Taylor’s A Mandolin Christmas. Find on it traditional songs performed in a manner so stately one can almost feel the Christmas morning frost. Mal’s mandolin and Taylor’s guitar go jazzy at times, but this is as old-fashioned as it gets these days and it just might be my favorite of the year. Jim Caligiuri / Austin Chronicle

What a pure, wonderfully distilled joy is your Christmas CD! You guys really honor the tradition of those beloved melodies, and still help me hear them afresh at the same time. The brave simplicity of it all leaves me room to dwell in the music, like an Advent meditation. Thanks to you and Will for blessing my holiday season!L. Becker

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