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One of the big differences between acoustic and electric music is that in the world of electric players often quantity IS quality…it is how the players and audience get pumped up. Acoustic players depend on the nuance of lyric, voice and melody for intensity because their volume is a fixed amount.”- Nigel Russell

“I know this sounds sacrilegious but I have also enjoyed your renditions of the Beatles more than the Beatles!”- M. Mitchell

“So I just have to email and let you know how much my wife Penny and I enjoyed Rubber Soul the other night at Threadgill’s. We have enjoyed all your shows, but you really took it to another level with this last one — make it several levels — into the stratosphere. It was an amazingly tight, creative, and astoundingly well done treatment of one of my very favorite Beatles albums — I run out of adjectives! I especially was knocked out by Jamie Ivison.”- Will Atkins

“Again another amazing release from will and strings.”- ECC TM

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