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“…hands down one of the most amazing live music performances I have ever witnessed. Says Beth, audience member at one of the shows

1. Whole Lotta love
2. Glass Onion
3. In My life
4. Comfortably Numb
5. Dark Side Live
6. Martha My Dear
7. Say The Word
8. What Goes On
9. Girl
10. Big Gig in the Sky
11. Your time is gonna come
12. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

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In 2006, Will Taylor & Strings Attached presented the Beatles White Album live to over 1600 Austin music fans. Since then Strings Attached began a 8 year exploration or re-imagining of several classic rock albums.  Strings Attached Classic Rock Covers Vol. 1 brings you live recordings of those shows. A little Zeppelin, Beatles and Floyd done in the style of Strings Attached.

Here are a few responses to the live performances contained within “Strings Attached Classic Rock Live Vol. 1”

I just can’t say enough about your extremely talented musicians – from yourself, Will, to your incredible guitarist, Glenn, who totally blows me away with his versatility and talent – he’s got to be one of the best guitarists I’ve ever enjoyed listening to and watching – to your bassist/arranger Steve who is so incredibly talented and charismatic, and your drummers and percussionists who really “feel” and recreate the beat and sound of Led Zeppelin, not to mention your fellow string players who are exceptional musicians. Your choice of guest artists was impeccable. You couldn’t have chosen better.

… this recording of Kashmir just made my life. Seriously, I was there and the experience still moves me to beautiful places. I’ve been dreaming of it for years and hearing the music again is a true blessing. – Beth D.

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