Grab Your Coat And Get Your Hat… You Might Even Want To Dust Off Your Dancing Boots As You Swing Along With The Music Of Willie Nelson, Re-imagined In The Style Of Bob Wills

Featuring Will Taylor, Steve Carter, Karen Mal, Michael Stevens, Jon Dexter, and Steve Zirkel

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Here’s what folks are saying about Strings Attached and “House of Wills”:

“Imagine what might happen if you dared to blur all these boundaries between pop music and jazz, between rock music and classical music, between the musical realm and the lyrical realm, between the honky-tonk and the church, and in the spirit of art and fun and experimentation, you reached out for something . . . transcendent?”- Statesman

“The last few years have seen local strings player/composer Will Taylor engaged in numerous musical collaborations, many jazz-based, some pop-oriented, a few highly curious, and all, in the end, responsible for the creation of some wonderful new music. “- Austin Chronicle

“…well if you can’t and you haven’t heard Will play then go expecting way to much and you will still find your self with your mouth hanging open.”- Fred Mitchum

“Beyond classical music, renown composer, arranger and jazz violist Will Taylor is the creator and Artistic Director of The Strings Strings Attached Collaboration Concert Series in Austin, Texas. Performing ornately arranged and beautifully sublime collaborative strings concerts and tribute shows with Grammy Award-winning and nationally renown artists. Strings Attached artistically defy the illusionary boundaries between rock, folk, classical, and modern contemporary straight-ahead jazz to bring you some of the most sonically soulful and spiritually-moving musical experiences imaginable.”- Mimi Alidor

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