Benefits of Strings Attached Patron Membership

  1. Click here to join the private patron-only Facebook group. (lots of free content only for you)
  2. Download the Bandcamp App or just listen online anytime here to your private collection
  3. Call or text me anytime at 512-589-8749 with ideas or suggestions.
  4. If you have friends you’d like to bring on board, bring them to our next House Concert. Check the schedule here.

We’re looking for folks that have outreach opportunities and that are willing to let us film a visit.

Thank you for becoming a Strings Attached Patron sustainer and for believing in our work enough to become a member.

You now have access to almost everything I, Strings Attached, or Karen Mal have ever recorded, and as long as you stay a member, will be recording.

Its where we publish our members only house concert dates, videos, music, and so much more.

This site also gives you the chance to interact with me; I want to hear your suggestions and ideas for things we can do with Strings Attached and the community.

Songs to perform, show ideas, benefits and rewards, you name it!

Here’s a list of other free things you and others can do to help!

Just takes a few mins.

Now more then ever it takes a village for inspiring, life changing art and performances to come into being.

In the age of Spotify, its free to listen, but still expensive to make.

You’ve helped offset that challenge to artists of this new era. Thanks!