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Will Offers Up Completely Original Compositions That Bring A Fresh Voice To Jazz For Today

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Here’s what folks are saying about Will Taylor and “Reel Life”:

“I’ve never been one who can listen to tons of jazz at once. It all starts to sound the same, but not with this album. Finally, a fresh, creative outlook on a genre of music that so many other artists just ‘go through the motions’ with. Thank you Will Taylor..”- Michael the Beatmaker

“Viola is a hard instrument to incorporate into jazz. Those who do it either seem to be great at it or terrible at it. The word “great” is an understatement for what Mr. Taylor does. His creativity and versatility seems to be endless. I always find myself waiting for what he’s going to do next.”- Julie Carr

“This was like candy to my ears. For anyone who appreciates good jazz, get ready to hear some good jazz with a new creative spin on it.”- Patrick

“Beyond classical music, renown composer, arranger and jazz violist Will Taylor is the creator and Artistic Director of The Strings Strings Attached Collaboration Concert Series in Austin, Texas. Performing ornately arranged and beautifully sublime collaborative strings concerts and tribute shows with Grammy Award-winning and nationally renown artists. Strings Attached artistically defy the illusionary boundaries between rock, folk, classical, and modern contemporary straight-ahead jazz to bring you some of the most sonically soulful and spiritually-moving musical experiences imaginable.”- Mimi Alidor

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