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Hear your favorite Texas songwriters at sunset and under stars in a laid back private country setting with stunning string arrangements and musicians, & no parking hassle attached.


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Season Schedule
October 23 – 7:30 pm Albert and Gage RSVP
November 7 – 7:30 pm Libby Kirkpatrick Click to RSVP
December 5th – Gurf Morlix Click to RSVP

Here’s what people are saying:

Enjoyed music for 20 years

general strings attached






“The quality of the sound mixing was so fantastic. I felt like every voice was heard with appropriate emphasis. Of course Molly is beautiful in every way. It was a true gift to be allowed to commune with people and really high quality music and musicianship. Thank you.” Chris C.

“First of all…when walking up to last night’s venue, I felt like I was in Austin back in1978! It was an amazing evening…I was awestruck that I was listening to such beautifully composed and arranged music in a funky/artistic South Austin backyard. It was a magnificent night!…thank you! ”

“It was absolute magic. I was riveted by the vocals and magnificent arrangements….we are new to Strings Attached…can’t wait to see more! ” Pamela N

“Absolutely magical! Molly’s voice brought tears to my eyes. Looking forward to the next show. -Christie W.”