If It’s Magic – My Stevie Wonder Experience

“If its magic, then why can’t it be everlasting?”

Probably around the same time Stevie was deep into his vocal warmups, I was dutifully delivering the 10,0000th heartfelt rendition of Canon in D. I immediately walked out of another successfully executed wedding ceremony deep in the Texas hill country, and awakened my sleeping iphone. Tameca Jones had found a nosebleed ticket for me from a scalper at Red River and MLK and told me I should do everything to get there. I was overcome with tears the second I walked into the hi altitude section of the Erwin Center and looked around at 40,000 people grovin in harmony to “I Wish”…. I instantly remembered why I love to perform and witness live music all at the same time. THIS is why we do this! The concert hit me on so many levels my brain could barely keep up processing all of them. Even from the nosebleed section and through the fact that the BASS DRUM and Drums were mixed way TOO loud, this still was a grand lesson from a master of being present through music…a master who brought 40,000, some strangers, some lovers and friends, some black, white and brown all together though the the central love of this man. To be sharing the same air as the man who composed all of this music, music that my soul and brain has disected over and over again, music that I’ve re-imagined with Strings Attached many times…the man who was so generous this night with the youthful resources that shared the stage with him…I don’t know what else to say. This was what I needed to see, a lesson delivered right on time. I don’t have a bucket list…but this was one of those lifetime spiritual events. Still feeling the energy as I sit in bed. The take away was “its all about loving each other”… “If its magic, why can’t it be everlasting?” Says Stevie…can’t it though?…if we feel as though “this is it” for each waking moment. even the “dull” moments. even the moments when we’re not at a Stevie Wonder show!

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